Tuesday, March 22, 2016

RG Journey Girl Locket

Hello Everyone!! Today I have something different to share. What..."Jewellery" YES!!! I love these Journey Girl Locket as I can personalize them as I want.You can put the pretty charms which are available or get a bit creative and create to your own liking. 

For today, I decided to give it a touch of Switzerland :)
So let's go to Switzerland's most famous mountain: The Matterhorn - mystical, majestic, kind of tooth shape pyramid :) You all must be familiar with it as it's on the packaging of the famous Toblerone Chocolates!
I decided to draw and watercolor one for my locket. For the texture I used Ranger Crackle Paint.

While creating this I got another idea...Do you know the national flower of Switzerland? It's "EDELWEISS" and my inspiration

I am very happy with the result. Hope you get some inspiration to create lockets from your country or a country you're going to for holidays...the possibilities are endless.....


Celeste Goff said...

These are just beautiful Isha! What a gorgeous way to personalize a piece of jewelry and to show your national pride!

Dawn T said...

gorgeous Isha. You are very talented.

Virginia L. said...

What fantastic idea and designs! I love the Swiss-inspired creations! These bring me back some fond memories...Edelweiss was one of the first English songs that I learned...These are truly awesome, Isha!

Shelly said...

Amazing, Isha! Love!