Tuesday, February 18, 2020

WOW! Embossing Powder: Thanks Card

Hello everyone! For my card today, I have used the new WOW! Trio Dockside by Jo Firth-Young. I love the gorgeous mix of various embossing powders, glitter.

I started by creating a background by sponging some dried marigold distress ink to the center of my card. I then stamped various images from Altenew Frosted Garden stamp using WOW! Clear Embossing ink onto a white cardstock. I sprinkled Glassy Ocean and Sparkling Sand embossing powders and heat embossed using the Dual heat tool.

Whenever I am using embossing powders with glitters in it, I always heat set a bit from underneath and then heat set from the top. This helps the embossing glitter to stick to the cardstock better. Stamp the floral center using Altenew (Autumn Blaze) ink. Die-cut the images.

I then applied the embossing ink to a piece of cardstock, sprinkled oiled Slate embossing powder and heat set it. I will be using this to cut stripes to add to both the sides of my sentiment stripe.

Now die-cut the word "thanks" from white cardstock using Altenew Signature Word Die.

Apply embossing ink, sprinkle Oiled Slate ep and heat set it. I repeat the process one more time for some extra dimension.

Assemble everything together. To finish add some Onyx pearls by Studio Katia.

I hope you like the use of Embossing Glitter and play with us for the monthly challenge. Looking forward to see your creations.

Happy crafting and a nice day!

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Dawn T said...

Very pretty Isha. An elegant card.

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