Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Fun Stampers Journey: Stamp of the Month December

Hello everyone! It’s December and I'm so pleased to share Fun Stampers Journey's December Stamp Of The Month: Penguin Waddle

I’m pretty sure these adorable penguins will waddle straight into your heart. Although the set is “winter” themed, it’s not really meant to be a holiday set. It's designed for multiple occasions; that makes this stamp extremely versatile. Not only do you have Friendship sentiments going on, you also have birthday and love (perfect for Valentine’s Day).

For my first card I made a birthday theme shaker card.

I did some no-line pencil coloring. I started by creating the mat layer. I masked the snow area and sponged blue distress oxide ink to create the sky. I then used the Bubble Bubble stencil and sponged some more ink for a subtle texture. 
I then stamped the images using a very light ink and colored them using polychromos pencil colors. I then die-cut a white frame using Journey rectangle dies.

I then adhered acetate behind the frame. I put some Star-fetti and Journey Sparkle Cuts to the colored panel and adhered the frame to it using the liner tape.
Adhere this shaker element to the white cardbase.

For my 2nd card I went for a fun and fresh look. 

I created the mat layer using various distress ink colors. I used the Bubble Bubble stencil and sponged some more ink through it. I then die-cut a white and a yellow tag using the Everyday Tags die set. 
I stamped the image to the white tag and colored a bit using copic markers.

Stamp the sentiment and adhere everything to the card.

You can find information on how to subscribe to the Fun Stampers Journey Stamp of the Month Club HERE.
Full list of supplies


Celeste Goff said...

These are just so super cute Isha!!!

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Yolande said...

Merci Isha for these beautiful flowers. You make them come alive with your choise of color and the way you finish them. Your montage are great

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